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Espetacular – International Festival of Arts for Children invites groups and artists to send artistic proposal’s material for participation in its 4th edition. It will take place in Curitiba (Brazil), November 15th to 24th, 2019.

Espetacular aims to bring together proposals from various artistic languages, including, but not limited to: music, visual arts, theatre, audiovisual, circus, dance, gastronomy, literature.

The proposals must transform the “work of arts” traditional role, to build a place of interaction and exchanges between people, where the relation between stage-public goes beyond the traditional, to create a real artistic experience.
The audience is a co-criator who develops new paths and proposes new meanings from its own experiences.

The proposals will be reviewed and selected by the curators. After that, the festival coordination will contact the selected groups to begin the negotiations.

Espetacular is still raising funds, therefore, the number of selected attractions depends on the budget possibilities.

Deadline for proposals September 28th 2019

To find out more, contact: contato@mostraespetacular.com.br